In an effort to expand our horizons and read more books, the Bibliophage community is participating in an annual Book Bingo challenge. Basically, we have a bingo-type card with various types of books in the spaces. Throughout the year, everyone will read books that fill each space. The goal is to have a group of people who encourage each other to read throughout the year. There are no prizes or penalties, just a bunch of people having fun and talking about books. 

How does Book Bingo work?

1.       Download the Bingo card below.

2.       Read books for each category to fill in the space. Each book can only fill one space. (When you finish the card, you will have read 24 books.) You have to have finished the book during 2018 for it to count.

3.       After you finish a book, post a celebratory photo in the appropriate album in our Facebook group. For example, if you read Pride and Prejudice as your “Book by a Female Author,” post a photo of the book and your card in the “Female Author” album. This will help other readers find great books in that category.

4.       There are no hard and fast rules in the categories, but read the instructions in the download for descriptions of each category. Remember, the purpose of Book Bingo is to read more diversely, so use that as a guide as you choose your books.